led by Otar Magradze


Valeri Pailodze, Otar Magradze, Otar Saganelidze, Dato Odzelashvili



The jazz-quartet "Tbilisi" was established in July, 1999, and is forwarded by Otar Magradze.

The ensemble consists of the following musicians: Otar Magradze - Piano, Otar Saganelidze - Double-bass, Dato Odzelashvili - Flute, Valeri Pailodze - Drums. Otar Magradze and Otar Saganelidze are connected through the long period of artisticcooperation. In 1982-1988 they were played together in the jazz-quartet of Philarmonic Society (jazz festivals in Donetsk, Tbilisi, Leningrad, Moscow, Krivoy Rog, Tallin; Culture Days in DDR in 1986, in Poland 1989). In 1988-1989 the jazz-quartet of Otar Magradze had been participated in the Saarbrucken Jazz Festival.

The collaboration of Otar Magradze and Dato Odzelashvili has started in 1998 while working on CD album They recorded together the compositions "Tatris Meidan" and "Gurian Sketches". Otar Magradze Jazz-trio participated in the Saarbrucken Music Festival dedicated to 1000 years of Saarbrucken and was awarded with special memorable medal for successful performance.

In 1999 trio was fulfilled with well known drummer Valeri Pailodze. Ensemble with New formation presented New program at Tbilisi International Jazz-festival "Jazz in Tbilisi. 99"

Jazz-quartet "Tbilisi" had a great success on the international Jazz Festival which took part in Nant on September 1-3, 2000. Also the quartet successfully participated in the International Jazz Festival - "Geocell Jazz-Festival" in Tbilisi.

The repertoire of jazz-quartet generally consists of the composition on Georgian themes, that has a high importance meaning for the ensemble.

Jazz-quartet "Tbilisi" is specially grateful for the musician on percussion instrument Mr. Merab Sanodze - without his participation it would have been impossible to issue our CD.


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